Manifestation Grid

Manifest Your Intention With our Manifestation Grid

Creative and Beautiful Way to Manifest
 Your Specific Desires

This grid is at Karma for you!  Simply write what you wish to manifest on a piece of paper and place it under the large crystal on the grid. The grid is cleared and recharged every new moon. It's also continually re-energized by our spiritual counselors and others through reiki, vortex energy, and prayer.

The grid combines the energies of the crystals, of the sacred geometry and the flower of life which is the seed of all creation, as well as the readers’ energies using their own particular disciplines. All of these forces combine to increase your own ability to manifest.

We suggest that you use the Manifestation Grid as an additional way to manifest together with your own prayer and affirmations. And always make sure your request does not affect others’ free will and is for the highest good.
Manifestation Grid
What People are Saying About Our Grid
I was looking for money and for a new relationship.  So I put my desires under the grid.  The very next day, I received an unexpected check in the mail, then I got a call from a great guy!

"I found a great new job thanks to this grid!"

"I was looking for love and my friend told me to put my desire under the grid.  I thought it couldn't hurt, so I did.  I have been dating my new boyfriend for 2 months now!"
Have you gotten results from our grid and want to share your success with others?  Email us your brief sentence or paragraph here and we will post it anonymously.
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Every month Rev. Pauline chooses the crystals to place on our grid based on the current new moon energies.  She also contributes a helpful column for your use on what you can expect and how you can work with these energies.  Read on to learn about what is going on now!

A Special Message About Manifestation Grid From Reverend Pauline Southard

Although it is certainly true that we are all connected, and in fact everything in the universe is always intimately connected, it is unusual to see this fact demonstrated so clearly as it will be during the course of the next...
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Manifestation Grid
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