Spiritual Counselors

Compassionate Spiritual Guidance to Encourage Positive Change

Learn More About A Time For Karma's Spiritual Counselors

A Time For Karma's counselors are present every day. All counselors are ordained ministers in the state of New York. You are eligible to receive spiritual guidance only if you are over 18 years of age or have your parent with you. Spiritual guidance is available to you every day!

Our spiritual counselor's schedule:
  • Sunday - Rob Hammel
  • Monday - Kim Gladkowski
  • Tuesday - Rob Hammel
  • Wednesday - Rob Hammel
  • Thursday - Roni Todd
  • Friday - Pauline Southard
  • Saturday - Pauline Southard
Holding Hands

Get to Know Our Spiritual Counselors

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Kim is a gifted intuitive who specializes in tarot card readings, intuitive coaching, empowerment with finances and life plan development. Kim provides tarot card readings, oracle card readings, spiritual guidance and life and financial empowerment coaching at A Time for Karma. Throughout the years, she has studied with internationally renowned intuitives and mediums to hone her abilities. Her goal is to empower and assist individuals in their journey. 
You can call or text her at 
516-491-0237 (please leave a message) or seee her at Karma on Mondays. 
You can also email her at onedestinyempowered@gmail.com
Charges: $55.00 for half an hour and $80.00 for an hour. Please pay by cash or Kim can take credit through her PayPal account.
If you are looking for Becky Grabski who formerly worked on Mondays, her information can be found on our Friends of Karma page.  You can make arrangements for a phone reading with Becky directly as she has moved out of state.
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Robert Hammel offers counseling sessions and spiritual guidance, and he helps facilitate positive change in reality. 

He can help you analyze the energies present in your current cycle, so that you can make positive changes in your life. Robert is also a knowledgeable tarot reader.

He does not have a website. You can call him at 516-871-7565, or visit him at our center on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Charges: $45.00 for half an hour and $75.00 for an hour. Please pay by cash.
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Roni Todd BA & MSW is not only a reverend but also a licensed social worker.

She has helped people for over 40 years as a relationship specialist. Roni is at A Time For Karma on Thursdays to provide counseling. She also has a tremendous knowledge of tarot, crystals, clairvoyance, clairaudience, auras, angels, spirit guides, palm reading and tarot.

Call Roni at 516-889-3732 or visit our center on Thursdays.

Charges: $45.00 for half an hour and $75.00 for an hour. Please pay by cash.
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Rev Pauline Southard is a healer and a counselor. She also has a vast knowledge of reiki, crystals and energy healing, and maintains a thriving practice.

Pauline provides spiritual guidance at A Time For Karma. She can also answer questions and advise on astrology, tarot, psychic abilities and mediumship.

You can call her at 516-445-4242 or visit our center on Fridays and Saturdays.

Charges: $60.00 for half an hour and $90.00 for an hour. Please pay by cash or Pauline can take credit through her PayPal account.

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